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Woolaboots Short Winter Plum Love

SKU: Weight: 3.0

Woolaboots Short Winter Plum Love

SKU: Weight: 3.0

Product Details

  • Sustainably hand-made with 100% seamless felted wool
  • Vibram sole made of ICETREK for unparalleled grip on cold, icy or snow covered surfaces
  • So each pair will have slight variations in color and height making it uniquely yours.

    Made of 100% felted fleece for soft-feel comfort, light weight, and durability. Because they contain no woven fabric, with no fixed shape, they will shape to your feet after a few days of wear. The felt stimulates your circulation, massaging your feet with each step. Made from spring and autumn shearing, they are 100% sustainable.

    Virtually no shrinkage so walk through puddles without changing the fit of the boot. If boots become wet, they should be allowed to dry at room temperature, never near a stove or heat source at this may result in shrinkage.

  • Only a thin sock required even at temperatures down to -40° F.

  • So that your feet and legs stay dry and warm, protected from snow and moisture.

    Vibram Anti-slip soles protect the wooly boot, keeping it clean and dry in inclement weather.

  • No cumbersome laces or Velcro tabs; just slip your feet in and out with ease and off you go!

  • Naturally dirt, water and salt resistant, a light brushing will keep your Valenki looking fresh. Any stubborn dirt may be removed with a light application of fine-grain sandpaper.

  • Feet are not two-dimensional! In addition to length and width, feet have girth. Because Woolaboots have no seams, they will comfortably accommodate your feet, no matter what their girth. If you feel that your feet have more girth than most, please consider ordering one size up. Each pair of Woolaboots comes with a felt insole for a custom fit. Use one or both or none. Over time, your Woolaboots will shape to your foot and be uniquely yours.

    Felt is the oldest man made material, and has been used for thousands of years. Because Woolaboots are 100% sheep wool, they are naturally resistant to dirt and are virtually waterproof.

  • Brush off any snow from your Woolaboots when you come in from outdoors.
  • Never dry your Woolaboots near a stove or other heat source as water + felt = shrinkage!
  • Should the need arise, clean your Woolaboots only after they have dried at room temperature.
  • While Old Country ladies cleaned their boots with semolina or potato flour (say what?) you may use a dry brush or fine grain sandpaper to remove dirt once the stain is dry.